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All you need is your credit union’s Member Number and the Loan Number.  Here is an example:

Member Number 123456  Loan Number 520

In the Loan Pay Xpress system, it will read that as 123456520

Your Member Number appears on your monthly Statement/eStatement.

Your member number is also located on the Member ID card you were issued at the time you opened your credit union account. If you are unable to locate your Member ID card and wish to obtain a replacement, you may do so in person at any branch location or by calling the credit union to request a new member ID card be mailed to the address listed on your account. To request a replacement card by phone, please contact a Member Service Representative at 248-814-4000.

Please Note: For security reasons, we cannot disclose account numbers over the phone.

Your Loan Number is located on your monthly statement or on the original loan paperwork you were issued at the time you opened your credit union loan.  On your Statement/eStatement, the Loan Number is listed as a three-digit number.  You can also retrieve it from the credit union’s Online Banking site.

The fees for using the credit union’s Loan Pay Xpress service vary depending on the selected method of payment. The following is listed below.

Payment RangeFee
$1 to $2000$10
Direct Debit from AccountFree

Using the credit union’s Loan Pay Xpress you can pay auto loans, boat/recreational loans, personal loans, and Michigan United Credit Union in-house mortgages (Mortgage Center, Member First Mortgage, Neighborhood Mortgage mortgages are not available to be paid through the Loan Pay Xpress system).  Michigan United Credit Union VISA credit cards can be paid using either Loan Pay Xpress or transferring funds from your Savings/Checking using Online Banking.  

You can use any non-Michigan United Credit Union debit or credit card, with VISA (VISA Debit Cards Only), MasterCard and Discover logos.  Loan Pay Xpress does not accept American Express payments. You can also do a Direct Debit (ACH) from another financial institution’s savings or checking account.

You can use Loan Pay Xpress to make payments on all your loans.  After you create a unique User ID and password, then you can register all your Michigan United Credit Union loans using the different Loan Numbers.

There’s no need for you to use Loan Pay Xpress in this circumstance. Simply log into the credit union’s Online Banking system and transfer the funds from your savings or checking account to your loan. This payment method is no cost to you.

Yes, you can schedule recurring payments on Loan Pay Xpress.  The payments can be set up for bi weekly and monthly payments.  Once your loan is paid off, please be sure to log into Loan Pay Xpress and cancel any scheduled recurring payments.

All payments made before 4:00 p.m. on business days will be credited to your account on the next business day. All payments made after 4:00 p.m. will be credited to your account in 2-3 business days. Payments made on Saturday and Sunday will post to your loan within 2-3 business days. Federal holidays will post the payment within 2-3 business days.

If you have any questions about Loan Pay Xpress or encounter difficulties logging in, please call 248-647-5958 to speak with a credit union member service representative.

*Mortgage Center, Member First Mortgage and Neighborhood Mortgage mortgages are not available to be paid through the Loan Pay Xpress system.