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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A member must perform a transaction on their account at least once a year.

A: Members can set up eAlerts via ItsMe24/7 to request electronic alerts when 1) account balances get to a certain level, 2) when ACH items are posted, 3) when loan payments are coming due, or 4) when an eNotice is generated. Members can choose if they would like to receive these eAlerts via email and/or text message. eAlerts DO NOT prevent a member from overdrawing on their account, but it will notify him/her if their balance has reached a certain level.

A: Yes! ATM cards can access funds for both saving and checking accounts unless a member has specifically requested the credit union to restrict access to certain accounts, or if the credit union had to limit their access due to certain circumstances.

A: Signature based transactions (not using PIN#) up to $2,000 or 20 transactions within 24 hours. Pin based transactions up to $500 or 5 transactions within 24 hours.

A: All ATM Deposits over $300 are subject to a two-day hold.

A: Yes! ItsMe24/7 is mobile friendly, but a user can only access it by clicking “Log In – ItsMe24/7 Online Banking” on the Michigan United Credit Union website. Users cannot log in if they simply type directly into their browser.

A: Yes, 3rd party budgeting applications will work with ItsMe24/7. However, since these 3rd party software applications are not supported by ItsMe24/7, members could experience issues. However, ItsMe24/7 allows transaction history files to be downloaded to Quicken, QuickBooks, Money Desktop, and the user can export a .CSV file to Excel as well. To access, log into ItsMe24/7, click “My Accounts” then “Downloads.”

A: Members can transfer money from other accounts to their VISA Credit Card using ItsMe24/7 Online Banking. Also, members can access their VISA line of credit using the VISA PIN# (they received when they opened the card) at an ATM. They can also come in and request us to transfer funds to their acct or have us create a credit union check.